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InstitutionTechnological University of León
School ofHigher Education Technology
AddressBlvd. Universidad Tecnológica #225 Col. San Carlos
León, Guanajuato 37670
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Full NameRamón Rangel Hernández
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Phone(477) 172-1944
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Section I: Project Proposal Summery
HTML BlockProvide a summary description of the project:
Amount requested$ 80,732
Funding Term1 year
The project falls into which of the following categoriesIndustrial Maintenance programs
How will this project serve students and enhance the quality and experience of education?

The project involves creating a laboratory for both virtual and physical training in industrial processes for the design, monitoring, and control of machinery and industrial equipment. This laboratory will foster interdisciplinarity among the programs of Industrial Maintenance, Mechatronics, and the Industrial Internet of Things.

The integration of these areas will be achieved, on one hand, through the use of virtual reality equipment for the simulation of equipment maintenance and the detection of mechanical, electrical, and electronic faults, in addition to mechanical design. On the other hand, control panels with their respective input and output elements will be used, along with the design and implementation of industrial networks for remote monitoring, analysis, and interpretation of data via the Industrial Internet of Things.

Technological development continues to grow exponentially, as does the need to train professionals capable of meeting new challenges. Therefore, it is essential that students at the Technological University of León (UTL) have access to this advanced technology.

The use of virtual reality for the design, monitoring, and control of processes through simulation will enable students to detect and analyze common faults in equipment used in various processes, such as motors, relays, controllers, and indicators. This addresses one of the main issues faced by graduates when entering the workforce: lack of practical experience.

Additionally, through the design and implementation of control panels with their respective input and output elements, the students will be able to physically develop automation systems for specific industrial processes, as well as remotely monitor and control some physical variables via the Internet and industrial networks. This project will equip students with the skills and abilities necessary for fault detection in industrial equipment, remote monitoring and control, and the design and assembly of control circuits.

The use of this laboratory will be a great motivation for students in their practical training, helping to reduce dropout rates. The cutting-edge technology of the equipment will be highly attractive and interesting to these generations of students, and will also allow them to develop a greater degree of adaptability in problem-solving within companies, which is one of the core objectives of our University.

Provide a statement of need.

Due to the current economic situation of the country and UTL being an institution that relies on government funding, we lack the sufficient and necessary infrastructure for students to develop their skills and abilities at the level required by local companies. Our laboratories currently have equipment that needs updating and improvement. The number of available equipment is insufficient to meet the current demand of the students

State current conditions and the desired change as a result of this project. One page or less.

Currently, the University's laboratories are nearing obsolescence because the equipment has not been updated, both in hardware and software, and the amount of equipment available is not enough to accommodate the approximately 650 students enrolled in the three educational programs (of Industrial Maintenance, Mechatronics, and the Industrial Internet of Things).

), attending in both morning and evening shifts. Additionally, we lack the necessary equipment to work in some technology areas, such as computers with the capacity to run the advanced software needed for virtual simulations.

This project aims to provide a physical environment that allows students to work both virtually and practically in the design and implementation of systems that solve real-world industrial problems.

Provide a schedule of project milestones (i.e. a progress or event schedule)

2024 2025
Event Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul

Obtaining resources X X
Tender and purchase of equipment X
Physical space conditioning X
Software and equipment installation X
Teacher training X
Development of practices and usage policies X
Implementation and start-up X
Start of training for students X
Mid-term evaluation X X X
Final evaluation and impact measurement X

How will this project be promoted and acknowledged?

This laboratory will be promoted through the University's outreach area during the student admission process for each of the three programs, highlighting that we have an innovative laboratory funded by DENSO.

For enrolled students, it will be promoted through the academies of each educational program, encouraging them to make the most of this opportunity, as it can be very beneficial when seeking employment due to the experience gained.

How will the success of this project be measured?

The success of the laboratory will be measured through various evidences. One of them will be the creation of a set of practices that meet the specific needs of the industry and fulfill competency certification plans. This will be a way for companies to evaluate the effectiveness of the project.

Another way to measure the results will be through the development of practices designed by the teachers of specialized subjects in control, virtual reality, maintenance, programming, and design, in which systems similar to those used in the industry will be developed.

Additionally, results will be evaluated through feedback from managers or business owners who hire the graduates of the higher technical university program. They will be able to indicate and detail the performance of their new employees, which can be done through Job Situational Analyses (JSA) with regional business leaders.

Identify objective(s) and then how you intend to measure the result. (Note: Grant recipients are required to report on these objectives supported with data, on an annual basis to the conclusion to the grant term).

Main Objective:
Create a virtual and physical training system for UTL students, where they can develop skills and capabilities in the design, monitoring, and analysis of all elements involved in an industrial system through the use of a laboratory.

Specific Objectives:
• Have a unique laboratory in the region that contributes to the training of professionals in the three involved areas.
• Increase and maintain the enrollment of students at the higher technical university level.
• Provide a cutting-edge technological tool that allows the development of technical-level competencies.
• Improve the quality of graduates in these areas of knowledge.

Measurement of Results:

Objective 1: Have a unique laboratory in the region.
Indicator: Number of interdisciplinary practices conducted in the laboratory.
Data Source: Practice records and teacher evaluations.

Objective 2: Increase and maintain student enrollment.
Indicator: Number of students enrolled in the programs.
Data Source: Enrollment records and administrative reports.

Objective 3: Provide a cutting-edge technological tool.
Indicator: Evaluation of the laboratory's infrastructure and technology.
Data Source: Technological audit reports and user feedback.

Objective 4: Improve the quality of graduates.
Indicator: Performance evaluations of graduates in companies.
Data Source: Employer surveys and JSA.

Grant beneficiaries must report on these objectives supported by data annually until the end of the grant period. 

Section II: Financial Disclosure
1. List other project funding sources / major sponsors or contributors:
Source Amount Requested Amount Pledged Amount Received
There are no other sources of financing There are no other sources of financing There are no other sources of financing There are no other sources of financing
2. Provide (or attach) a budget for the entire project if different from the request.
Budget Item Projected Cost
The requested budget covers the entire project The requested budget covers the entire project
Total Project BudgetThe requested budget covers the entire project
3. How would DENSO funds be allocated?
Item/Expense Amount
4 High-end Programmable Logic Controler (PLC) CPU unit with built-in – Mitsubishi Electric $4,084
4 Analog input unit module – Mitsubishi Electric $ 3,108
4 Display method4-digit 11-segment LCD Control methodON/OFF $ 688
4 Thermocouple type J ¼ x 4 threaded ½ $ 576
8 Cyclindrical proximity sensor EA2 $ 1,840
8 Capacitive sensor M30 $ 3,680
4 Sensor: distance, laser, reflective, range: 300 mm; PNT, PBT $7,360
8 Ultrasonic sensor $ 3,680
8 Reflector for reflex systems $ 240
4 Incremental Rotary Encorder, 6000RPM, 24V $ 1,840
4 Vibration transmitter, 4 - 20 Ma $ 2,620
4 HMI TOUCHSCREEN 10.1’’ COLOR $11,500
4 Five Port Ethernet Switch RJ45 SCALANCE $ 2,068
4 Power Supply Pro Eco3 240W 24V 10A $ 1,240
4 Button Box Selector + pushbuttons $ 664
4 MXCOMPONENTSV042L0CE - Communication software for all PLCs PLC MELSEC $5,552
4 General Accessories $6,332
8 Meta Quest 3 512 GB Virtual Reality Glasses $7,500
2 Sim Lab Composer Ultimate Licenses $5,960
2 Intel desktop PC Cpu Core I9 11900k Ram 64gb 1tb Ssd $5,960
2 Intel desktop PC Cpu Core I9 11900k Ram 64gb 1tb Ssd" $6,520
Total Requested Grant$ 80,732
4. Please enclose a copy of the school or department’s annual budget (preferred) or most recent annual report for the institution.4. Please enclose a copy of the school or department’s annual budget (preferred) or most recent annual report for the institution.
Section III: Institutional Information
Date EstablishedSeptember 26, 1995
PresidentJosé Christian Padilla Navarro
Dean, College of BusinessMartha Patricia Quintana Olmos
Dean, College of EngineeringJosé Ernesto López Juárez
Does the institution have a current or past relationship with a DENSO Company? If yes, please comment

Yes, DENSO Company located in Silao has supported the professional training of our students allowing them to carry out internships at a technical and professional level. We had been working together also carried out recruitments for our graduates, and lately DENSO Company Silao has supported complementary training by inviting students to Seminars in their Dojo.
We are honored by the relation we have with DENSO Company.

If the institution has received DENSO funding in the past, please provide date, description and amounts

No, we have not received DENSO funding in the past.

Does the University have DENSO-employed alumni? If yes, how many?Yes, DENSO Company has allowed around 155 students and graduates to carry out internships and be hired.
Please Provide company/location if known.Denso Company Silao
How did you hear of DENSO North America Foundation?The Technological University of León was selected as one of 10 schools to submit a grant proposal for the 2024-2026 cycle. We feel honored to have the opportunity to participate in the DENSO North America Foundation Skilled Grant. The Technological University of León is a public institution of technological higher education, with an enrollment of nearly 8,000 students. Our main commitment is to train human talent for companies in the region. DENSO is a great company that has supported the growth and professional development of our student.
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Another Project Explanation
  • I acknowledge if selected as a grant recipient, my institution has 5 business days to sign and return the Grant Agreement and provide electronic financial banking information to DENSO North America Foundation.
Proposal developed byEduardo Pérez Gutiérrez
TitleDirector of Emerging Industrial and Computer Technologies
Supported and Approved by:José Ernesto López Juárez
TitleHead of the Academic Secretary