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Contact Information
InstitutionTennessee College of Applied Technology Knoxville
School ofCareer Technical Education
Address1100 Liberty Street
Knoxville, TN 37919
United States
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Contact Person/Position
Full NameSally Porter, Strategic Impact Coordinator
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Phone(606) 369-3056
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Section I: Project Proposal Summery
HTML BlockProvide a summary description of the project:
Amount requested100000
Funding Term2 years
The project falls into which of the following categoriesIndustrial Electricity and Electronics programs
How will this project serve students and enhance the quality and experience of education?

This project will directly benefit students by providing state-of-the-art equipment to learn on, enhancing the hands-on learning experience. The new trainers will more accurately simulate real-world systems to provide applied, contextual learning. This will prepare graduates to transition into today's technology-focused workplaces seamlessly. The upgraded facilities will attract more students and improve retention, equipping more of the local workforce with in-demand skills.

Provide a statement of need.

TCAT Knoxville's vocational education programs in industrial electricity are in need of updated hands-on training equipment to prepare students for high-demand careers. The current equipment is over 20 years old and does not adequately simulate the modern systems students will encounter in today's manufacturing and industrial work environments. Outdated equipment limits students' ability to learn key skills and work with state-of-the-art technologies.

Grant funding is needed to purchase an TP1221 Motor Controls Training System and a Dissectable Machines Training System. Integrating these modern trainers into the curriculum will allow students to gain experience programming, operating, troubleshooting, and maintaining automated systems. Graduates of the program will have a strong foundation in the basic principles of electricity, including motor generator principles; meters; testing equipment and instruments; blueprint reading and math; residential wiring; National Electric Code; and industrial wiring/distribution.

By providing up-to-date hands-on learning resources, this project aims to prepare more TCAT Knoxville students for careers in areas like advanced manufacturing through applied learning experiences that strongly simulate workplace tasks and environments. Updated equipment supports workforce development by directly connecting training to local employer needs. The requested funding would help address critical skilled labor shortages through enhanced vocational education opportunities.

State current conditions and the desired change as a result of this project. One page or less.

Currently, students learn on outdated equipment that does not reflect today's work environments. This limits their preparation for in-demand careers. The desired change is to provide up-to-date training systems that strongly simulate modern industrial control systems. With these new resources, students will gain hands-on experience with the latest technologies and automated systems, better preparing them for success in advanced manufacturing and other industrial roles.

Provide a schedule of project milestones (i.e. a progress or event schedule)

Project Milestones:

Grant awarded - July 24, 2024
Grant Agreement Executed - July 31, 2024
Grants released - August 1 - 15, 2024
Purchase training equipment - October 1, 2024
Installation and configuration - December 1, 2024
Faculty training - February 1, 2025
Integration into the curriculum - April 1, 2025
Assess Year 1 student outcomes - July 31, 2025
Assess Year 2 student outcomes - July 31, 2026

How will this project be promoted and acknowledged?

The project will be promoted through the TCAT website, press releases to local media, and program successes will be promoted to continue community and stakeholder support. Progress reports outlining milestones achieved will also be provided to funders.

How will the success of this project be measured?

The success of the project will be measured by increased enrollment, higher retention rates, increased job placement rates, and feedback from students on the value of hands-on learning. Regular progress and outcome reports will be provided to funders.

Identify objective(s) and then how you intend to measure the result. (Note: Grant recipients are required to report on these objectives supported with data, on an annual basis to the conclusion to the grant term).

Objective 1: Increase enrollment in the Industrial Electricity program by 10% within the 2-year grant term.
Measurement: Comparison of enrollment numbers in the school's Data dashboard reports before and after equipment installation.

Objective 2: Increase completion rates of the Industrial Electricity program by 10% within the 2-year grant term.
Measurement: Comparison of completion numbers in the annual CPL Report before and after equipment installation for students enrolled during the grant term.

Objective 3: Increase job placement rates for graduates of the program to 90% within 6 months of graduation within the 2-year grant term.
Measurement: Comparison of placement rates in the annual CPL Report before and after equipment installation for students enrolled during the grant term.

Progress towards objectives and supporting data will be reported using information collected for the annual CPL Report, which is required by the institution's accrediting body. This will include enrollment numbers from Data dashboard reports, completion rates, and placement rates from the CPL Report. Any challenges or changes impacting the objectives will also be documented. The feedback will help ensure objectives are being met and allow for adjustments if needed.

Section II: Financial Disclosure
1. List other project funding sources / major sponsors or contributors:
Source Amount Requested Amount Pledged Amount Received
TCAT Knoxville Industrial Electricity Program Budget 838.44
2. Provide (or attach) a budget for the entire project if different from the request.
Budget Item Projected Cost
TP1221 Motor Controls Training System $67,147.44
Dissectible Machines Training System $33,691.00
Total Project Budget$100,838.44
3. How would DENSO funds be allocated?
Item/Expense Amount
TP1221 Motor Controls Training System $67,147.44
Dissectible Machines Training System $32,852.56
Total Requested Grant$100,000
Section III: Institutional Information
Date Established1965
PresidentKelli Chaney
Dean, College of BusinessN/A
Dean, College of EngineeringN/A
Does the institution have a current or past relationship with a DENSO Company? If yes, please comment

DENSO has actively supported TCAT Knoxville's programs for several years through equipment donations, facility tours, and internship/job pipelines for graduates. This partnership aims to address workforce needs at DENSO's Tennessee locations.

If the institution has received DENSO funding in the past, please provide date, description and amounts

2017 - DENSO donated $50,000 worth of training equipment to its Advanced Manufacturing Center, including industrial robotics components. This helped to update TCAT's training resources.

Does the University have DENSO-employed alumni? If yes, how many?Given the long-standing partnership and DENSO's local presence/hiring, we have many TCAT Knoxville graduates have gone on to careers with DENSO over the years. However, the college has not actively tracked individual alumni employment destinations beyond initial placement rates.
Please Provide company/location if known.DENSO Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc., Maryville
How did you hear of DENSO North America Foundation?Contacted by Stephanie Probert, Advanced Specialist, Community Affairs & Communications / Corporate Communications as being one of 10 schools selected to apply for this grant
The information presented in this application is accurate and complete. This application requires original signatures.
Another Project Explanation
  • I acknowledge if selected as a grant recipient, my institution has 5 business days to sign and return the Grant Agreement and provide electronic financial banking information to DENSO North America Foundation.
Proposal developed bySally Porter
TitleStrategic Impact Coordinator
Supported and Approved by:Kelli Chaney